Tube Roller
Hydocs is now becoming a leading company in industry for our best in class laboratory instruments which are used in different fields of life.
Karl Fischer Reagent
Hydocs has now introduces Karl Fischer Reagent to increase its portfolio and to fulfill needs of its customers all over the world.
Hydocs has introduced a range of forensics products which are used for crime scene investigation.  
Featured Product
  • Microplate Mixer
  • MS7-Pro 7 x 7
    MS7-Pro 7 x 7
  • LED Digital Cell Culture Stirrer
  • LED Digital Overhead Stirrer
  • Nylon Syringe Filter, 13mm, 0.45µm
  • PTFE Syringe Filter, 13mm, 0.22µm
  • PVDF Syringe Filter, 13mm, 0.45µm
  • Nylon Membrane Filter, 25mm, 0.45µm
  • Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter, 25mm, 0.45µm
Welcome To HYDOCS

Hy docs is a brand of innovative and unique laboratory products for all areas of research. Every product has been carefully selected for quality and priced to meet your budget so your lab can operate at its highest level of efficiency. Our goal is to provide great products, great prices and great service. Hy docs Liquid Handling Products and Bench-top Instruments are available through our authorized distributor network. Hy docs also deals in forensics products. Forensics is a crime scene investigation products manufacturer and supplier. Products include Fingerprint powder, Fingerprint brush, Fingerprint Tape, Backing card, Lifter, Photograph Scale & Evidence Marker and other crime scene investigation tools... We offer qualified products to police department users, and also work with well known forensic companies to offer our products to worldwide customers.We also introduce new products to our customers, through our distributors which spread allover the world.